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Journey Of Monty's Chicken Wings - Gurgaon

About Us

Hi Chicken Wing Lovers !!! My name is Monty Bagchi. I am the person MONTY'S Chicken Wings is named after.. That's right, I have literally put my name at stake.

I am as foodie, as a foodie can get. I am no trained Chef, nor am I from the hospitality industry. But, there is one thing I am sure of.. I LOVE GOOD FOOD !!! So, I taught myself how to cook. Simply put, I cook from my heart, and would never serve food I would not love to eat myself.

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure !!! After being in the Garment Export Industry for a few decades, I decided to convert my passion into business.. and MONTY'S Chicken Wings was born. So, for me, it’s not just about making money, it’s about serving great food..

I felt that the Indian Foodie was craving a new concept in “Comfort Food”. Maybe Pizza’s, Burgers, Tandoori Chicken and Chowmein was getting boring.. Besides, Chicken Wings was always treated as the unloved child on every menu.. It was time to give this extremely versatile but neglected part of a Chicken, its due recognition.

Craving good wings in India, one day, I decided to make some wings at home. My son Yash (who is probably the fussiest eater I have ever known) seemed to like them, and asked me to make them three days in a row. My daughter Tania felt the wings were “AWESOME” (her words, not mine). Even my wife Aditi, who is not a great lover of Non Vegetarian food, felt that our Tibetan Dry Rub Wings were “TO DIE FOR” (again, her words, not mine). This made me feel that I might be onto something special.. Thus the Journey of MONTY'S began.

Few months of working in the kitchen like a mad scientist, mixing sauces and coming up with various flavours, some good, some not so good, resulted in the final 8 original flavours that we are showcasing at the moment (with more flavours to follow in the future). Add to this my mother, Ruby Bagchi’s amazing Macaroni Salad recipe, and MONTY'S was ready to open it’s first outlet.

I sincerely hope that you, our valued customer and fellow foodie, and us at MONTY'S can work together, to make Chicken Wings the next “Comfort Food” of India. I give you my personal guarantee that we at MONTY'S will always maintain the highest level of Hygiene, Quality, Taste, and Customer Service. After all.. It’s literally my name at stake..

I sincerely thank you for visiting our page.

Monty Bagchi